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Another Birthday

Today, we celebrated another birthday as our oldest daughter turned fourteen. Gosh, we’re getting old(er)! As is tradition, we gathered around the dining room table, dimmed the lights, and sang the birthday song. Burning candles were extinguished, pictures were taken, jokes were told, and cake and ice cream were dished out to everyone who wanted some. I passed for the time being, but made no promises to lay off the cake on a long-term basis.

Birthdays are always so special to us. While we’ve had parties on the rare occasion that the kids request them, we always spend time celebrating as a family. There’s something to be said for not commercializing the birthday experience. Birthdays are celebrations of life and we praise God for allowing us to be here for a new day.

I am thankful for having four very healthy children and grateful for being able to celebrate another birthday in my family.


Thank You for giving me another day with all of my children. I praise You for choosing to keep them all safe and healthy and ask that You continue to bless them abundantly. I pray that the birthday girl continues to draw closer to You and will someday make the decision to be baptized in You, so that she may be born again and may enjoy celebrating a new kind of birthday. In Jesus’ name, Amen!