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Health Insurance

After a day like today, I am reminded of how blessed I am to have health insurance. It’s easy for me to forget how many uninsured and underinsured people live on the edge in fear of an event that could literally bankrupt them. As I write each copay, it usually doesn’t occur to me that the rest of my bill is paid by my insurance company, because my employer and I pay premiums.

Flu symptoms don’t send me into a panic. Muscle spasms aren’t as worrisome as they could be. Prescription drugs and quality healthcare are within reach. Generally, I have no daily worries about access to healthcare, and for that, I feel blessed beyond what I deserve.


I feel truly blessed to be able to obtain adequate medical care for myself and family. I praise You for reminding me just how blessed my family is. I pray that I am never so content with my own situation that I forget about the plights of others both near and far.

Also, I lift up the family of a good friend as they anxiously await tomorrow’s surgery to repair blocked arteries of their young daughter and sister. I pray that You will guide the doctors’ minds and hands as they work to reverse the heart disease from which she suffers. I don’t know her healthcare coverage situation, but I pray that she recovers without the worry of major medical bills that typically follow lifesaving surgeries such as what she will receive tomorrow. I ask that You comfort her family and provide for them in a way that only You can. In Jesus’ name, Amen!