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I love when I encounter a believer while doing something mundane, because ordinary banter often turns to God’s role in our lives. A
chance meeting at a car show this evening provided this very opportunity as a discussion about vehicle options turned into a story about how God protects us.

Here’s how that happened… I stopped to admire a vehicle and the person already snuggled behind the wheel seemed nice enough to strike up a conversation with, so I did just that. I told her that I purchased that model a year earlier and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I talked about the three TV screens that could play two movies simultaneously, the stow-and-go seats, the 30GB hard drive, heated front- and mid-row seats, etc. Car stuff! After all, we were at a car show.

Then the conversation turned to my fellow believer’s 4’6″ grandmother. In addition to being on the shorter side, she was of slight weight – so small that airbags posed a serious risk of injury if they deployed during an accident. What does this have to do with God? Well, her grandmother “wrapped her car around a telephone pole” and when the airbag deployed, it retracted almost immediately, to her surprise. Grandma was unharmed and all the praise was given to Him for protecting her from serious injury. There was no mention of the manufacturer’s safety record and product design. Her family knew that He was the reason that grandma walked away unharmed.

I wear a cross every day, so it’s pretty obvious to anyone who sees me where my beliefs lie. Most believers don’t wear outward symbols of their faith, so it’s hard to figure out just who I can engage in a conversation about Him. I didn’t need to work hard to find a fellow believer tonight. God put me in the direct path of the person that He wanted me to meet.

I am thankful for the ease in which conversations with other believers begin. No fantastic icebreakers are needed – just a simple mention of heading to church, thanking the Lord, and praising Him need – no formalities.


Thank you for putting people into my life for specific purposes. I praise You for the gift of engaging total strangers and being comfortable enough to share testimonies about how You have move in my life. I pray for continued opportunities to share with and learn from others as we seek to grow in our faith. I pray that I will be a light that draws believers closer to You and nonbelievers into your midst. I pray all of these things in Jesus’ name, Amen!