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Thankful for Being Less Connected

Electronics provide the preferred methods of entertainment in my house. Computers, telephones, televisions, video game systems. Oh, my! We’re all guilty of over-usage. So when we made a trip to the mountains for spring break last year, it was a welcome change of pace to be free of at least two of our digital addictions: telephones and Internet.

The telephones in the house didn’t ring, because we didn’t learn the numbers to give them to anyone. Most cell phone calls went unanswered as well, because no one wanted to spend their vacation on the telephone. However, I did answer a call from my mom who wanted to make sure we had arrived safely.

Having an anemic Internet signal wasn’t part of the plan, but I am grateful for the experience, because it was conducive to more interaction amongst all of us. Despite the kids having packed their video game systems, we rediscovered our love for board games. That reignited passion continued when we returned home as the kids often asked the family to gather to play one of their new, low-tech gaming favorites – Bananagrams.

I am thankful for an extended period quality family time and am looking forward to more of it soon. No schoolwork, no professional work, no chores, no after-school activities, no doctor’s appointments, no real obligations. Just a time of purely focusing one another is a blessed gift to have received.


Thank You for the quiet time that You allowed us to have away from the busyness that typically defines us. That time provided much-needed renewal for all of us and I am thankful that the children had an amazing retreat. I pray that this year’s trip will be just as blessed. In Jesus’ name, Amen!