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The Last Full Weekend of Summer

It seems like just yesterday when flowers began to open, grass awakened from a slumber, and the warmth of the snow broke through from a long, cold winter. As I enjoy the last full weekend of summer, I’m experiencing mixed emotions. The warm, yet vibrant, foliage colors of Fall and the near-perfect weather are simultaneously relaxing and exciting. However, feelings of impending cabin fever lurk just beneath the surface. Weather bleeds into other seasons, so the delight of Fall will soon be interrupted by cold, harsh winter weather – even if the calendar doesn’t agree.

Twice I’ve had to resist the urge to drag bins of autumn decor from their cozy hideaway in the basement, because the calendar month still reads, “September”. Dare I rush the end of summer? I think not! Fall will be here soon enough, so for now, I sit here with every window of the house opened allowing each room to benefit from nature’s air freshner. A slight breeze, the sound of children playing and birds chirping, the hum of a neighbor’s mower, and temperatures in the low 70’s are the perfect backdrop for the last full weekend of Summer.

How are you spending the last full weekend of Summer?


My Favorite Season

Depending on what time of year you ask me, “What’s your favorite season?”, my answer will vary.

See, in February or March, I would likely say that Spring is my favorite season, because I’m not a huge fan of cold weather – especially if it didn’t produce a beautiful blanket of snow to play in outside or look at from indoors. I love the warm temperatures, the new spring colors, and the season of Easter.

However, if you ask what my favorite season is this time of year, I’d say it’s Fall, because it’s much like spring – nearly perfect. I love the brisk temperatures, the colorful foliage, and, of course, football season!

Ask me that question in November and I’ll say that winter is my all-time favorite time of year – hands down, because that’s the season of Christmas. I love who the season represents, I enjoy snow, I love the smell and crackle of wood burning in my fireplace, and I love how cheerful people seem to be. Aren’t people incredibly kind at Christmastime? If we could just freeze that kindness forever…

So as far as I’m concerned, Spring, Fall, and Winter are all my favorite months.

Oh, wait! How could I forget about the adventures of summer. When you subtract the oppressive heat, that is another favorite season. No school, few activities, summer travel, lots of time spent with family, and relaxation makes me one happy Best Books Network!

Hmm, I guess my favorite season is all of them!

What is your favorite season and what do you like about it?