Side Boobs: Dating Stories from a Gentleman’s Perspective

by Du Kirpalani on Mar 2, 2016 in Featured, Humor via Best Books
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How does one find true love in a city that thrives on wearing masks? In Los Angeles, a city filled with people seeking fame or love from strangers, the world of dating can be confusing, crazy and even insulting at times. Comedian and author Du Kirpalani gives you an unfiltered view of the mind and heart of a man on a date. When do guys care about a girl’s profession? How does a man walk away so easily, or not so easily from a relationship? What scares a guy into moving apartments? Du might be on a journey looking for love, but can’t help but be a man looking out for himself.

About the author:

Du Kirpalani was raised by a single mother and two older sisters in Hong Kong and then India. Du now lives in Los Angeles, CA where he performs stand-up across comedy clubs and local bars. In 2013, he showcased at the Sundance Comedy Series and has featured at the Egyptian Theater in Park City. Du's webseries, ‘Becky: The Most Annoying Girlfriend in the World’ was an official selection at the Beverly Hills Film Festival and won second place at the Burbank International Film Festival.

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