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About Vampire Mage by Janelle Peel

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My name is Sora. I was born into this world to a highly respected Mage family. All was well as a child; most children don’t receive their magic until puberty… I was not that fortunate. Shunned by my family, I was cast out on my 21st Birthday, a failure and disappointment to everyone that was supposed to love me.

Left on my own in Seattle with no friends or money, I made my way through low paying jobs down the coast to Southern California. Fate finally smiled upon me in San Diego where I scored a serving position at an all-night diner.

One night after my shift, I decided to walk to a dive bar near my home to drown my sorrows. That was where I met him, the Master Vampire of the SoCal Clutch. It was either the biggest mistake of my life… or the best decision in the world.

Buy Sora’s adventure now to read about a true heroine that comes into her own despite the odds being stacked against her.

The Clutch Mistress Series-
Vampire Mage
Allied Mage
Chosen Mage
Alpha Mage

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