Featured Book: Business Turnaround Blueprint by Fred Herbert

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About Business Turnaround Blueprint by Fred Herbert


Do you own a business that is struggling?
Do you want to be able to increase profitability?
Are you looking for proven ways to make your business succeed?

It’s a hard fact that more than 750,000 businesses will fail this year. This staggering number means that YOUR business has a high chance of failure if you don’t act now.

Business Turnaround Blueprint addresses the twelve key areas that might be causing your business to be floundering and what you can do to fix them, including:
-Improving profitability
-Increasing productivity
-Refining business processes
-And much more…
Written primarily with the business owner in mind, Business Turnaround Blueprint is equally helpful for CEOs and other high-level executives and is a must read for anyone who finds themselves in business difficulties.
Author Fred Herbert has over 40 years of business experience and can help you tackle any challenge. He has enhanced a variety of businesses with his unique skill set, from small family-owned concerns to consulting for ExxonMobil.

Get a copy of this amazing book now! Fred’s business strategies will help you to improve your business situation.

For register for the free training “Three Keys to Taking Back Control of Your Business in Eight Weeks or Less” visit www.fredhebert.com

To schedule a 100% free strategy session with Fred, visit www.fredherbert.com/schedule

This Non-Fiction book is available in these Formats: eBook

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