We Can Laugh Together Too

by Cindy Baker on Feb 22, 2016 in Featured, Romance via Best Books
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Almost a year ago, Olivia Leonard was tragically widowed and found herself faced with the daunting prospect of running a thoroughbred horse farm alone, while at the same time bringing up her fourteen year old daughter. Before the death of her husband she had been a successful writer, but necessity has forced her to turn her back on that career.

Matthew Allen is a veterinarian with a reputation for unreliability; cheated on by a co-worker two years ago, he walked out on a top job in Florida and now relies upon short-term locum appointments around the country, often living out of motels.

The two protagonists are brought together by an injured foal and despite the fact that neither of them is interested in embarking upon any kind of a romantic relationship, a growing mutual attraction is undeniable. Both support each other as even further complications develop.

The setting for this novella is the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley as well as the wild Central California Coast. With a great descriptive talent, Cindy Baker takes her readers by the hand and molds them into the scenery as they follow the story. Will a love story develop? Will Matt move on to his next appointment leaving Livi behind?

This book has been described as a great story that allows you curl up and escape into on a cozy evening. It’s the first novella in the Walnut Grove sweet romance series. What more do you need to tug at your heartstrings than a handsome vet in sexy scrubs and a young, widowed mother, struggling to survive?.

About the author:

I followed in my mother's well-worn footsteps with my consuming love of writing, although I'm also busy doing proofreading and editing for fellow writers. I graduated from college with a degree in English and if I have a fault, my family, I hope in good humor, call me a grammar nazi.

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