Edward Galluzzi

The interest, drive and motivation to become a writer often have their roots early in life even though one may not realize at the time. I was an 8-year-old third grader when I had some conscious awareness that writing is a good thing. It was then that several friends and I started a neighborhood newsletter. With typewriter in hand, the newsletter was born and essentially shared much about nothing that went on in the neighborhood. However, our neighbors were kind enough to give us 25 cents for each newsletter… and most paying customers could actually read the carbon blur caused by a dozen carbon sheets. As the years passed, I took several courses in writing and things didn’t seem so blurry … to date, I have published the following books (all books and details at www.galluzzibooks.com): “Mirror, Mirror at 1600 D.C.” "Beginnings" “Side Stepping the Rules: Broken or Not” “Twelve Upon A Time...” “Twelve Upon A Time... Bedside Story Collection Series" - 12 books for each month of the year in color As with all my books, I hope the reader enjoys the read as much as I enjoyed the write... Ed
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