At Last

by JL Hartzog on Sep 2, 2016 in Romance via Best Books
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Stacy Sinclaire, a young, successful accountant of a large and popular law firm, always thought she was never pretty enough to get a man. She was young, made money, but never had a understanding why her friends had a husband and a boyfriend and she didn’t. Meeting up with “The Fabulous Five”, her high school friends, at Chapter 5 for drinks one night, changed her life forever.

Damien Spann, a successful engineer, had to come back to his old stomping grounds after the death of his parents. Only there to manage his father’s electronics business, he never planned to meet anyone. But there she was….the girl he knew he was destined to be with. But how?

About the author:

*J.L. Hartzog grew up in a small town outside of Jackson, MS. She attended Pearl Public Schools and Mississippi College. She received her BS in Business Administration in 2013. J.L. is married to Martin Hartzog. She is the proud mother of three children: JaCody, Christopher, and MarTe’SsJa. At Last is J.L.’s first book. She currently resides in Jackson, MS.

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