One-Day Technology Fast

“You want us to spend a day without what?!” Cell phones, e-readers, gaming systems, the internet, iPods, laptops, and just plain old televisions are all forms of technology to which we’re tethered and even addicted. What would life be like if you took a one-day technology fast? That’s no TV, radio, internet, telephone, etc. You may even have to give up driving your car if it’s a computer on wheels as many new cars are. I’m going with the definition of technology that requires a small computer chip that controls devices, so no need to put down your hammer, saw, or shovel.

If I declare a technology-free day in my home, I may be the only one of us who participates and even that’s a stretch. Two of us attend school online, one of us (me) works from home, one of us (husband) owns an IT company, and some of us love our cell phones, computers, DVD players, iPods, video games, etc. A revolt would surely be carried out if I forbid anyone from partaking in the wonders of technology to which we’ve all become accustomed.

What would a technology-free day look like for me? It would mean no:

  • cameras
  • credit/debit card
  • computer (I work on a computer, so I’d have to “fast” on a Saturday)
  • dishwasher
  • driving my car (it’s a computer on wheels),
  • ice dispenser and icemaker on my refrigerator
  • internet use, therefore, no blogging
  • microwave
  • phone (cell, internet, or landline)
  • programmable thermostat (it’s computerized)
  • recumbent bike or treadmill (they’re computerized)
  • television

Let us not forget my stove. Yep, that’s a modern marvel as well with handy dandy buttons that I push and alarms that sound when I program the stove.

The more I think about this challenge that I thought was a great idea, the more I talk myself out of disconnecting for just one day. I’d have a ton of chores to make up for if I take off just one day! Am I a junkie? What about you? Are you able to disconnect from technology for one day? What sacrifices have you made (or will make) to accomplish a day free from technology? Will you recruit friends and family to suffer fast with you?

Let’s chat!

Love to all!


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