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My Coupon Binder Is Ready!

I’ve always been a thrifty shopper, never wanting to pay full price for items, but my coupon personality was casual. I loved getting free coupons in the mail. I’d put them into my wallet-sized coupon organizer that was purchased from the bargain bin at my local superstore and try to use them on my frequent shopping trips.

My coupon personality changed about a week ago when I decided that it was finally time for me to kick my grocery savings efforts into high gear. While on vacation, I stopped by the local office supply store to pick up a binder and a packet of baseball card dividers. All that was left to do was to add some coupons. Yahoo! I had a few in my purse, but wanted to get the latest weekly passports to pay less than the store’s advertised pricing. Husband and kids in tow, I made a quick stop at Walgreen’s on the way back to our vacation retreat and here’s what stopped my efforts dead in their tracks.

Me: “Do you have any copies of the Sunday paper left?”

Clerk: (bewildered look – no response)

Me: “You know, the Sunday paper that has the sales and coupon inserts…?”

Clerk: (continued bewildered look)

Me: (Pleadingly looking at nearby Clerk #2 for help and understanding) “Do you have the Sunday paper?”

Clerk #2: (Looking as if I’d asked her for a solution to bring about world peace) “No. It’s Monday.”

Me: (Finally understanding the crazy looks from Clerk #1 and Clerk #2) “Well, where I’m from, I can buy the Sunday paper on other days of the week”.

Clerk #1 or #2 (I don’t remember): “Oh, really?!” (Now, the forehead creases began to smooth at her apparent understanding of my question about wanting to buy a Sunday paper on *gasp!* Monday.

Me: “What do you do with unsold newspapers? Throw them away?”

Clerk whatever number: “Yes.”

Now, it was my turn to gasp!

Vacation lasted 10 days and 9 nights and I began to lose track of what day of the week it was. After all, there’s no calendar or timetable needed for vacation. During week #2 of vacation, I suddenly realized that we’d exhausted yet another vacation day relaxing, having fun, and totally forgetting about buying the Sunday paper. Now, I’d have to wait until I was back at home to make my post-Sunday Sunday paper purchase. Finally, on Monday, during the long drive back home from our vacation oasis, I realized that day I’d freaked out about forgetting to purchase the paper in fact wasn’t Sunday at all, it was Saturday! The sinking realization that I thought Saturday was Sunday and Sunday was Monday led to yet another week of couponing delay. Confused yet?
Finally, on Tuesday (back at home), I walked into a store and asked where they kept their copies of this week’s Sunday paper. Wouldn’t you know I got the same bewildered look that I’d encountered a week earlier…states away? So much for beginning my full-fledged savings campaign…
I resigned myself to inserting my existing coupons into the binder along with a couple dozen internet coupons that I managed to scrounge together. Better luck next week!
In the meantime, I’ve discovered coupon matches for this week’s sales at two of my favorite local grocers. I’m excited about being able to buy a 2-liter bottle of soda for 53¢ and match a few cereal coupons to some excellent sales.

Do you coupon? If so, any tips for a new binder girl?

Love to all!