How Do You Prepare for Snow Days?

As the Midwest plans for another snowstorm, children and adults take the prediction of frozen precipitation differently. The younger crowd looks forward to a day off from school, while the older bunch tends to wonder about how or if they’ll commute to work in a treacherous, wintry mess.

The night before a storm, children all over town use at least one of the following rituals to brew up a day off from readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmetic:

  • Sleeping at the foot of the bed, with pajamas inside out and backwards
  • Flushing ice cubes down a toilet
  • Sleeping with spoons under their pillows (see inside out PJ’s FB page if you want to “Like” this)
  • Freezing white crayons then placing it under tbeir pillow before going to bed for the night
  • Doing snow dances

All of these traditions are supposed to lead to a day of sledding, building snowmen and forts, making snow angels, and lobbing snowballs at both willing and unwilling targets. For those who aren’t into winter sports, there is video-gaming, movie-watching, or sleeping on the agenda.

Mom and dad’s snow day plans probably aren’t as carefree. While kids are thinking of fun, mom and dad may be stocking up on grocery items, rounding up shovels and salt, restocking firewood, and filling up their gas tanks before what is not-so-affectionately now known as “white death”. I admit that I did these things, but now that I’m done, bring onthe snow!

Oh, I don’t have a sled yet! Gotta go!

Let’s chat! How do you prepare for and spend snow days?

Love to all!


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