Sing Like Nobody’s Listening

I spend a lot of time in my van, and I pass much of it by listening to my favorite Christian music artists. K-Love radio and Sirius XM’s “The Message” are the only stations that I tune into on the radio.

When I’m in the mood to control the songs that I hear and create my own playlist, the 30GB hard drive integrated into the van’s entertainment system gives me the ability to listen to music for days without ever repeating a song. I belt out the words to song after song never tiring of what I’m hearing. I sing my heart out; don’t want to hold out on songs of praise and worship, you know?

When the kids are riding around town with me, they don’t hold back on their self-imposed Idol judge roles. Shouts of, “Mom, you’re off key!’ and grumbles of “Oh, there she goes again!” are common. I just laugh and keep singing!

Despite the constant mid-row heckling that I get from two of my very opinionated offspring, I sing out loud as often as the Spirit moves me to do so. I cannot be shamed into silence. Now, I could choose to heckle the kids in return as they are singing, but I’ll just let them be and join in on the moment!

Today, I am thankful for being who God made me. While He’s still encouraging me, shaping me, teaching me, emptying me of myself, and filling me with more of Him, some aspects of who I am are exactly as He wants, and I do believe that He wants me to sing as if no one were listening.


I praise You for making me comfortable enough to sing out loud songs of praise even when the kids are listening. Especially, when the kids are listening. I pray that the time that I spend with the kids is full of moments like the ones that we laugh about now. I pray that these experiences will become etched in their memories forever. I ask these things in Jesus’ name, Amen!




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