Netflix vs. Movie Theater

Did you know that the average price for a movie ticket these days is nearly $8? While that amount might sound low, it includes prices for matinees and children’s tickets. Not so cheap-sounding anymore, huh? And we haven’t even brought up the cost of concessions. Yikes!

The high price of movies has pretty much kept my family away from the big screen, except for blockbuster movies or special occasions (kids wanting to blow allowance). Instead, we opt for Netflix. In fact, we’ve turned to Netflix for our movie needs for five years now and it has never disappointed. You simply can’t beat having movies delivered to your directly to your mailbox (and now your PC) for a small fraction of what it would cost to take your entire family to the megaplex.

Besides price and convenience, I love that Netflix has an incredible selection of family-friendly titles as well as my favorite thrillers and documentaries.

Netflix does have some competition from companies like Red Box, On Demand, and Blockbuster (the kiosks), but none of those are game-changers for me. There’s something about an all-knowing movie-selection company that sends what I want, when I want, and suggests things that I’m not even aware that I want for the price that I want to pay.

The next family movie night in my house will undoubtedly involve a movie from Netflix and some inexpensive theater-sized treats enjoyed from the comfort of our own sofa and pj’s.

Do you Netflix, or are you among the $8 movie-goers?

Let’s chat!

Love to all!


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