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Is This Thing On?

Welcome to the first blog post of Best Books Network! My husband thought that my random thoughts might benefit the masses, so here I am. Shh, I think his blog idea has one of two purposes: 1) for dear husband to snoop or 2) for me to talk off someone else’s ear.

The pressure is on for me to create enough content to keep this thing interesting, so I need your help. Read and comment often. If there’s a topic you’d like to discuss, post feedback, so that we can begin a dialog.

Much love to all!


You Paid Retail? Gasp!

I’m a bargain shopper who nearly keels over at the thought of paying retail for just about anything from groceries to clothing to school supplies to nail polish. Joyful is the shopper who uses coupon codes for online purchases!

If you didn’t already know, coupon codes for online shopping are just a click away, so before you check out of your next virtual shopping cart, take a trip on over to coupon codes sites such as Retail Me Not, Coupon Cabin, and Current Codes. Why waste your money?

Love to all!



Two of our four children are homeschooled. Well, technically they’re e-schooled. They are part of a fast-growing movement in which parents, students, and educators are able to communicate via the Internet in amazing fashion. In this new-age world of learning, they share documents using electronic chalkboards, chat with students in other parts of the state, attend student government meetings, and participate in babysitting, yoga, and Lego clubs. Parents and school districts have embraced the benefits of online learning. A platform that was thought absurd just a few short years ago, has taken on new life as parents and administrators look for alternative ways to deliver lessons.

Parents love e-schooling for many reasons including religious reasons, bullying in brick and mortar school buildings, having control over their children’s learning environment while still receiving the support of professional educators, eliminating physical or emotional barriers, etc. School districts have embraced e-schooling as a matter of learning continuity in cases of school closures due to weather, for example.

In the same way that many companies conduct meetings with colleagues around the globe and offer training to hundreds or thousands of employees via the web, parents, students, and educators have embarked on a whole new way of learning.

If given the opportunity to homeschool or e-school would you embrace it?