Without Yesterday: Mona’s War

by James R Vance on Mar 18, 2016 in Featured, Historical, Young Adult via Best Books
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Stephen King once wrote:  ‘Fiction is a lie and good fiction is the truth within the lie’.

Without Yesterday: Mona’s War is an example of a fictional story interwoven with factual events. Set mostly in occupied France during WWII, a country existing on the lies perpetuated by Nazi Germany that it would become a major partner in Hitler’s ‘New Europe’, the novel draws on true events as a backdrop to the unfolding fictional story.

Born in 1914, Mona discovers her sexuality against a wartime background of prejudice, infidelity, romance and treachery. Mourning the loss of her younger brother, she embarks on a relationship destined to change her life. Experience the blitz, the subterfuge of the French resistance, the Nazi domination of Europe, the secret plans of one of Hitler’s henchmen and the tragic events that shaped the lives of future generations.

This compelling novel takes the reader on a journey from the aftermath of the Great War to the barbarism of the Nazis during the occupation of France in WWII. Confronted by collaboration and betrayal, Mona struggles to survive in a cauldron of lies and deceit where trust is a rare commodity. It is a gripping tale of resistance activities where deceit and betrayal thrive alongside threats and reprisals imposed by the occupying forces. Like the characters in the novel, the reader must determine what is the truth and what is a lie—a compelling adventure with credible characters and a plot of unexpected twists with no guaranteed outcome.


About the author:

Originally from Greater Manchester, author James R Vance relocated to a rural region of France to write novels. He is an avid reader, traveller and a long-term Francophile. His other interests are cooking, gardening and researching the Nazi occupation of France during WWII. In total, he has published eight novels and is working on his ninth. More recently, writing historical fiction novels has replaced his previous focus on the genre of mystery crime. During 2015, he was involved in the 3-day Charroux Literary Festival in the Vienne department of France, running a workshop on Structure in Fiction Writing. He is also a founder member of La Souterraine Writers’ Group, which has produced several published authors over the past few years. Though currently working on his latest novel, ‘The Housekeeper’, his ultimate ambition is to re-publish his historical fiction novels in French.

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