Unpickle your liver – The Simple way to control Alcohol

by M.K. Kirby on Feb 24, 2016 in Self help via Best Books
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Are you drinking too much? Not sure how to go about reducing? Unpickle Your Liver is just what you need to get started NOW!

This powerful little book will show you the easy way to regain control of your drinking. You’ll wonder why you waited so long! It’s a no-brainer to get started straight away, and you will even find the schedule is fun! If you knew you couldn’t fail, you would start the plan straight away, and you can – NOW! You can have Unpickle Your Liver on your Kindle or computer screen within moments, or alternatively you could order the paperback if you prefer to have the book in your own hands.

Why not take advantage of the special offer and have both? Everybody wants to enjoy the benefits of safe drinking – You have: boundless energy bright clear eyes tip-top health feelings of well-being more money in your pocket Unpickle Your Liver is a powerful little book, packed with ingenious ideas and seriously powerful techniques that will get you back to safe drinking, or you could quit altogether if you so desire… the choice is entirely yours.

The decision to say ‘YES, I’m ready to get started’ is the first step, and after reading this book, you will feel motivated and well-equipped to follow the path. The book is carefully structured to feed your motivation, as you absorb the easy-to-read information. By showing you the full picture of alcohol in your life, you will soon see the reasons that you have been lured to drink. From a position of knowledge, the urge to drink mindlessly soon loses its appeal, because you see exactly what has been happening to you. Almost magically, you will discover an internal force and determination growing within you as you read the easy chapters, and this combines with your will power. You will be amazed at your own swift progress, as you go from a no-limit to a low-limit drinker, without feeling you are missing out on any fun. The final section of the book is packed with a range of powerful tips and techniques to appeal to every type of drinker. By the end of this very-readable book, you will be ready to embark on a satisfying journey that restores all your choices and opportunities for a future that is happy and healthy, with YOU and not the drinking in control.

About the author:

The fourth of five children, M.K. Kirby had a very happy childhood in Wimbledon, England, later studying at LSU and Southampton University. M.K. Kirby was fascinated with psychology and the way the mind works from a young age, and this was to become an enduring passion. Following both parents into a career in Education, a particular interest and a flair for helping children – and later, adults – to overcome learning problems emerged. This developed into some powerful techniques which could unlock a range of difficulties and set the learner free. It was all rooted in psychology, which soon led to further study, and a Master’s Degree (M.A. (Ed.).

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