Touching the Wire

by Rebecca Bryn on Mar 18, 2016 in Featured, Historical via Best Books
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Auschwitz 1944: Miriam, a Jewish nurse, steps down from a cattle wagon and into the the heart of Chuck, a young doctor. He has no way to tell her he saved her life: no right to tell her to abandon hope. As their relationship blossoms, they fight to save the lives of the women in the infirmary, join the camp resistance risking execution daily, and make a promise to tell the world of the horrors of the camp. At liberation they are separated, Chuck sent on a the march of death and Miriam left behind ill with scarlet fever. Can he fight his way back to her in time to save her life?

The war is over. Chuck stays silent to protect his post-war family, but he’s haunted by his unkept promise, and it’s down to his grand-daughter, seventy years later, to discover his unspoken past and keep his promise to his lost love.

About the author:

Rebecca lives on a small holding in West Wales with her husband, rescue dog and a flock of sheep. She writes thrillers with a twist, and paints the fabulous coastal scenery in watercolour.

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