The Silence of the Stones

by Rebecca Bryn on Mar 18, 2016 in Featured, Mystery via Best Books
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When Alana is left a cottage in West Wales by an estranged aunt, she is plunged into the centre of a conspiracy of silence over two children who went missing thirty years before. As the village closes ranks against her, strange runes appear on doors, and ‘accidents’ begin to happen, threatening her and her young daughter. An eccentric old woman has cursed Alana’s family to the third generation. Is it she who orchestrates the mayhem? Can Alana discover the truth about the missing children in time to save those she loves?

About the author:

Rebecca lives on a small holding in West Wale swith her husband, rescue dog and a flock of sheep. She writes thrillers with a twist, and paints the fabulous coastal scenery in watercolour.

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