The Murder Prophet

by Sherry D. Ramsey on Feb 26, 2016 in Featured, Mystery via Best Books
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Kit Stablefield is a detective with a secret and a crush on a guy she knows only online, in a future where magic is a part of everyday life. But when millionaire Aleshu Coro walks into the offices of Darcko and Sadatake with a message from the Murder Prophet and fourteen days to live, everything changes.

Suddenly Kit is questioning the decisions of her past, trying to find out if the man she loves is, in fact, a man, and hunting for a murderer and a mysterious seer. With her eighty-six-year-old grandmother insisting on helping out, and a sentient goose who simply won’t stop pestering her to watch his “killer” video game moves, Kit has more than her hands full as she races against the clock to prevent Coro’s murder…and possibly her own.

About the author:

Sherry D. Ramsey is a speculative fiction writer, editor, publisher, creativity addict and self-confessed Internet geek. When she's not writing, she makes jewelry, gardens, hones her creative procrastination skills on social media, and consumes far more coffee and chocolate than is likely good for her. Her books include One's Aspect to the Sun and its sequel, Dark Beneath the Moon (Tyche Books); the middle grade fantasy, The Seventh Crow (Dreaming Robot Press); the urban fantasy The Murder Prophet; and To Unimagined Shores--Collected Stories. She has co-edited five anthologies of regional short fiction and is a member of the Writer's Federation of Nova Scotia Writer's Council and SF Canada. Sherry lives in Nova Scotia with her husband, children, and dogs. You can visit her online at, find her on Facebook, and keep up with her much more pithy musings on Twitter @sdramsey.

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