The Elf In My Backpack

by S.T. Sinclaire on Feb 24, 2016 in Children via Best Books
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Book 1

What if elves were real and one decided to come home and live with you? What if this elf that only you can see insisted on doing things in the manner as he saw fit; things you would have to explain to your parents, friends, even your teacher?

Fortunately, this elf is a friendly old fellow who likes people and does his very best to be useful, though it doesn’t always turn out best for Jack.

Six hilarious stories based on real life situations with an illustration for each story. Written with humour and wit, this series centers on a boy, his family and friends, living life as any family would, except with an elf, of course.

Each book is a complete story within the Series. It is  recommended to read the books in sequence for the highest enjoyment.

Illustrated series for children age 9-12

About the author:

S.T. Sinclaire is a fiction author, illustrator, painter, photographer and mom. She is never without a book and strives to inspire young readers to read as well and discover the magical world of fiction for themselves. Steffany lives in the rural Lanark Highlands of Ontario, Canada where she continues to be inspired by the beauty of nature. Previous works include biographies and short stories.

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