Summary & Analysis of Factfulness by ZIP Reads

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Summary & Analysis of Factfulness by ZIP Reads

Hans Rosling challenges everything you thought you knew about the world in his groundbreaking book, Factfulness.

Think you know what percent of the world is vaccinated? Or many people have access to electricity? Rosling proves that whatever you think, you’re most likely wrong. Learn how to fight your own personal bias and get a more realistic perspective on the world with Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong about the World — and Why Things Are Better Than You Think.

What does this ZIP Reads Summary Include?
– Synopsis of the original book
– Rosling’s original quiz to help determine where your world view stands
– The ten “instincts” that lead us astray
– Detailed guidance on how to fight the instincts
– Anecdotal evidence of damange the instincts can have
– Analysis of troves of Rosling’s data to paint a clearer picture of the world
– Editorial reivew
– Background on the author

About the Original Book:
In Factfulness, Rosling has compiled a life of work and research into a call-to-action for reason, rationality, and data. He argues that most people assume the world is worse off today than it was in the past, and that this is patently false. Using decades, and sometimes centuries, of data, he systemically counters many common notions held today–that the world is more violent, that more people live in poverty, and that population growth is not truly exponential–to name a few.

DISCLAIMER:This book is intended as a companion to, not a replacement for, Factfulness. ZIP Reads is wholly responsible for this content and is not associated with the original author in any way.

Targeted Age Group:: all audiences
Heat/Violence Level: Heat Level 1 – G Rated Clean Read

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Book Sample
In Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong about the World — and Why Things Are Better Than You Think, medical doctor, educator, and statistician Hans Rosling teams up with his son and daughter-in-law to challenge commonly-held notions that the world is worse off than it was in the past. His mission is for everyone to embrace a “fact-based” existence, using “factfulness” to guide every action—from watching the nightly news to solving world hunger.

Rosling presents the reader with a simple, fact-based quiz to help determine how skewed your world view may be. The responses to this quiz, he soon reveals, show that the majority of people in wealthy countries all over the world believe the rest of the world is worse off than they actually are. This “overdramatic worldview” is what he so vehemently argues against. He shows that extreme poverty has been slashed, access to healthcare and education is widely increasing, and that mortality rates have fallen precipitously.
Rosling provides endless troves of data (more than 20 percent of the original text consists of notes and references) along with personal anecdotes to make his case. The book is well-organized into ten simple “mega misconceptions” that inform our drastically misinformed beliefs. With each of these misconceptions, he clearly lays out how it affects our perceptions of reality and how we can counter it in our daily lives. The ten misconceptions are: gap, negativity, straight line, fear, size, generalization, destiny, single, blame, and urgency.

Rosling begs the reader to fight these instincts and use the power of data to inform decisions, to look beyond the doom and gloom of the news, and to see the world for what it is: an objectively better place than it has ever been before.

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