Rise of the Dead Magic

by Matt Grawitch on Mar 21, 2016 in Featured, Young Adult via Best Books
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“Since the dawn of time, there has existed a source of power outside the natural world.

Few people know of its existence, and fewer still have the ability to control it.

That source of power is the power of magic. Magic is used in the service of peace and order – Light Magic. But magic is also used in the service of evil and chaos – Dead Magic. A small group of wizards walk among us, sparked by the magic.

Nikko – sparked with fire magic – became the Teacher and Protector of the Wizards of Light Magic after his mentor, Burgess, was killed by the Wizard of Dead Magic. It is the Teacher and Protector’s job to train and lead the Three Wizards, and it was Nikko’s job to find the next set of warriors who would battle for the Light Magic. He found that next set of warriors in the form of three sisters. Summer, sparked with earth magic, Jolie – sparked with wind magic, and Reece – sparked with water magic.

Together, Nikko and the Three Wizards must work together to defend the natural world and the Realm of Magic from the Wizard of Dead Magic. Will they be strong enough to stop the forces of the dead magic and save the natural world from an invasion of dead magic creatures?

To do so, they must learn to harness the power of magic. They must acquire magical artifacts to assist them. They must ally themselves with natural and supernatural creatures.

Otherwise, the natural world will be destroyed…

About the author:

Matt Grawitch is a Ph.D. in Psychology serving as a faculty member at a university in the Midwestern U.S. He is also the father of two wonderful girls who served as the inspiration for some of the characters in the Three Wizards series. He currently lives in New Baden, Illinois with his wife.

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