Princess Marguerite: The Merchant of Dreams

by S.T. Sinclaire on Feb 24, 2016 in Children via Best Books
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Book 3

Be careful what you wish for – is the theme when a very mysterious Gypsy arrives in the village of Far’nWyde. She reads fortunes and grants wishes and as everyone discovers, that is not always a good thing! It isn’t long before the peaceful life in the village is in an uproar.

Though closely watched by Nanny, Marguerite too finds a way to sneak away and visit the mysterious stranger who seems to know more about Marguerite than any stranger should.

The Merchant of Dreams is the third richly illustrated book in the Princess Marguerite Series. Each book in the Series is a complete story within the saga. It is  recommended to read the books in sequence for the highest enjoyment.

About the author:

S.T. Sinclaire is a fiction author, illustrator, painter, photographer and mom. She is never without a book and strives to inspire young readers to read as well and discover the magical world of fiction for themselves. Steffany lives in the rural Lanark Highlands of Ontario, Canada where she continues to be inspired by the beauty of nature. Previous works include biographies and short stories.

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