Princess Marguerite: The Green-Eyed Monster

by S.T. Sinclaire on Feb 24, 2016 in Children via Best Books
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Book 2

When her beautiful cousin Princess Priscilla comes to visit, Marguerite’s  resolve will be tested to the limit. As much as she tries, there is no easy way to get along with this spoiled cousin of hers and when the Green-Eyed Monster rears its head there is no end of trouble.

Having learned about her true identity and the terrible danger she can put everyone in if she is not careful, Marguerite finds that she has to be very strong. Fortunately, she has the support of her family and a new friend and ally to get her through this difficult encounter. When the Green-Eyed Monster arrives, anything can happen!

With plenty of humour and antics, this is a fun read!

The Green-Eyed Monster is the second richly illustrated book in the Princess Marguerite Series. Each book in the Series is a complete story within the saga. It is  recommended to read the books in sequence for the highest enjoyment.

About the author:

S.T. Sinclaire is a fiction author, illustrator, painter, photographer and mom. She is never without a book and strives to inspire young readers to read as well and discover the magical world of fiction for themselves. Steffany lives in the rural Lanark Highlands of Ontario, Canada where she continues to be inspired by the beauty of nature. Previous works include biographies and short stories.

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