His Past Came Calling

by Cindy Baker on Feb 22, 2016 in Featured, Romance via Best Books
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Escape to California’s beautiful Santa Ynez Valley and follow the heartwarming love story between Livi, widowed with a young daughter, and Matt, the handsome vet, who befriended her, then set out to win her broken heart.

This is the second book in the Walnut Grove Series. The first book,‘We Can Laugh Together Too’ quickly earned the following impressive review:

“A great book that’s as good as or even better than any Mills and Boon book out there.” These are my wife’s words and not my own. She’s a big fan of Mills and Boon books and for her to say must prove that there’s a great quality of writing and story line in this book. In fact she loved it so much she can’t wait to finish off the trilogy. I guess I won’t be seeing my Kindle Fire again for another couple of days, thanks Cindy.
5-Stars By Barryjmcdonald “baz”

After meeting and falling in love with locum veterinarian, Dr. Matt Allen, recently widowed Livi Leonard thought the seemingly insurmountable trials and tribulations that had been dogging her life for the past year were, at last, over.

But this proves not to be the case. Livi’s fifteen year old daughter, Chrissy, vanishes without trace while riding her newly acquired horse in the foothills of the San Rafael Mountains, bordering the farm where they live, and the investigating detectives seem to view Matt as their prime suspect.

Far from ceasing, Livi’s problems seem to be escalating. Surely the man she adores and she believes adores her could not turn out to be so calculating and deceiving.

About the author:

Like my heroine, Livi, I'm British born and bred, although I emigrated to Southern California with my husband and two daughters when I was in my early 30s; Livi moved to California with her father, mother and older brother at the age of 11. I followed in my mother's footsteps with an unquenchable love of writing. I also proofread and edit for fellow writers.

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