One Last Dance

by Ernesto Patino on Jul 11, 2017 in Romance via Best Books
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Marco Anissi comes out of a coma, days after his car slams into a light pole—the same pole he had crashed into exactly ten years ago, killing his fiancée, Susan. Coincidence? Not to him. Her spirit has reached out to him in a way he would understand. With the help of Susan’s mother, Marco learns that a woman named Julia Tinsley had received her daughter’s heart. She lives in Tucson where she works as a dance teacher. Obsessed with the idea of reconnecting with Susan’s spirit, Marco travels to Tucson. But he can’t just walk up to Julia and introduce himself. What would she think—a complete stranger wanting to meet her? He signs up for lessons, hoping to develop a relationship. Now, Marco must make a decision: tell the truth about himself and risk losing Julia with whom he’s falling in love, or remain silent and enjoy his new life with her.                

About the author:

Ernesto Patino is a former schoolteacher, FBI agent and private investigator. His hobbies include playing Flamenco guitar and ballroom dancing. He lives in Southern Arizona. When he is not working on a book, you can usually find him at local dance studio, practicing his steps.

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