No Higher Ground by ROMAN GODZICH

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No Higher Ground by ROMAN GODZICH

Sam Czerny’s career as a xenobiologist was relegated to studying strange life forms deep in the oceans.
Then a Chinese mining facility discovers an unusual artifact on the far side of the moon.
A device which could change the way humanity sees itself and its place in the galaxy.
Sam finds himself on the project of his dreams only to get caught up in a sudden war between the US and China.
A war that prevents the two governments from noticing an even more dangerous arrival.

Targeted Age Group:: Adult and YA
Heat/Violence Level: Heat Level 3 – PG-13

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
This book is as much a political thriller as it is Science Fiction. I have always loved both genres and wanted to write something that fits into one as well as the other.

How Did You Come up With Your Characters?
Some come from people, I have met. Others from public personas. But in the long run, they are all truly their own persons.

Book Sample
A few moments later the display resolved itself into a mustachioed face with black eyes squinting beneath a tussle of black hair. Sam always thought Pierre Pacquelier looked like Salvador Dali with the ends of his mustache cut off.
“Sam? This is you?” A thick French accent came from Pierre's image. He broke into a smile. “It is good to see you again, my friend.”
He liked Pacquelier, “Pierre! How are you? I heard you've been trying to reach me. When was the last time we saw each other, the Sci-fi convention about a year and a half ago?”
“Yes, my friend. We were on some panel together, but I don't remember what it was. I do remember drinking and talking afterward. Anyway, I am calling to apologize and to receive your thanks.”
"Huh?" Sam grunted. Pierre's habit of translating French word for word into English often confused him. “I don't understand what you mean.”
“Of course you do not because I have not told you. But when I tell you, you will have to forget, or at least pretend it is a surprise when they contact you.”
“What's a surprise?”
“Okay, I am sorry. I am putting the cart before the oxen,” He paused for effect. “Let me begin again.”
“Yes, go on . . . ”
“An alien artifact. Something made by aliens. Do you see what this means?”
Sam sighed. “Pierre, I've heard this a dozen times before. People think they’ve found an object that didn't come from and it always turns out to be some natural or man made thing.”
Pierre smiled and shook his head. “I do not think this is one of those cases. For one thing, the artifact is much too big and regular to be a natural object. It is as large as a big building Sam, and it appears to be very, very old”
Sam frowned. “How old?'
Pierre took a breath. “First estimates date it to be about sixty-five to seventy million years old.”
“Pierre, what on Earth are you saying? Where is this thing?”
“Not on Earth Sam, we found it in the Fermi Crater on the far side of the moon.”
Pierre suddenly looked to his left and then back at the screen. “O la! I must go now. See you soon.”
The screen went blank as the call ended.

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