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by Terry Fisher on Feb 2, 2016 in Featured, Sports & Hobbies via Best Books
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Mega Millions Magic 2015 Book – For new 5-75 + 1-15 game

3-Time Lottery Winner reveals MegaMillions Systems and Strategies plus the incredible “Smart Play Zones.” While there is no magic bullet for winning any lottery, once you learn to mimic success your “luck” suddenly improves.

Learn how to get a guaranteed payout of some kind in just 15 games!

Forget trying to pick the winning numbers – no-one can.  Instead, START “organizing” ALL of the MegaMillions numbers in cheap, cost-effective systems. Discover how to ensure you have every single winning number  in your overall entry.

Includes Individual Mega Millions Systems that require just 15 games and Lotto Group Entries in just 75 games – All guaranteeing some kind of payout. The MegaMillions Systems are laid out in an Easy-Fill format that a 12-year old could complete.

See a 3-time lottery winners checks – and discover the secrets he uses to win a prize of some kind more than 50% of the weeks he plays. Then apply those same techniques to MegaMillions.

As we continually say: In Lotto, anything is POSSIBLE – But some things are far more PROBABLE. Learn the 80/20 rule for MegaMillions; play Smart, not Dumb.

We also show you the Mega Millions numbers have come out most often.

Should you play the Megaplier?  Get the advice of a 3-time Lottery Winner!

Most lottery books are “generic” – MegaMillions Magic is 100% Mega Millions focussed. So stop wasting your money on losing MegaMillions tickets and learn how to “Play Smart” – For the price of a Starbucks coffee!

About the author:

Terry Fisher is a 3-time Lotto Winner and International Author of Winning Lotto Secrets and Powerball Pro.

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