Karass by Beca Lewis

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Karass by Beca Lewis


They suspected that it was true, but until Mira started seeing things that weren’t there, Sarah and her friends were content to let it remain a mystery. Now they must fulfill the promise they made before birth and reveal the magic of other dimensions. But first, they have to find each other and outwit those that don’t want them to know the great secret, one that will transform their lives and the future of the earth.

Connections and secrets are waiting to be revealed. Are Sarah and her friends strong enough to meet their fate?

Targeted Age Group:: Adults
Heat/Violence Level: Heat Level 1 – G Rated Clean Read

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I am addicted to reading. I finally admitted this to myself after years of self-denial. If there is nothing to read, a cereal box will do.

But, good stories change my life. I know nonfiction is fantastic for changing lives (heck I write nonfiction for that reason), but for me, a splendid story gives me something I can think about and swish around in my life forever.

So, after writing a few nonfiction books I wanted to challenge myself to write a fiction book. I was afraid, and that bugged me. Plus, I wanted to write a story that swished around in people’s lives for a long time. And now that Karass is out in the world, I want to write more. That, I believe, is a good thing.

How Did You Come up With Your Characters?
A few of the characters in the book are composites of people I have known. I took some of their characteristics and mixed them with other people to better tell the story. I also used places I have lived as a background so I would know what I was describing.

But, most of the characters are imaginary. I would be writing along, and one would pop in and introduce itself, and from then on, the story progressed based on what they brought to it.

I heard a writer say once that when you write a book your own point of view creeps in somewhere. This is certainly true in this book. I tried to stay out of it.

But, half way through writing it I realized what was happening, and after a day or two of panic realized that it wasn’t all that bad for my readers to know me – if just a tiny bit.

Book Sample
The forest waited. Countless raindrops fell on its moss floor, feeding the green carpet laced with ferns and studded with acorns. Generations of birds sang songs, built nests, raised their young, and sent them off to fill the forest’s vast expanse. Endless suns and moons rose over the rolling wave of treetops. Still, it waited. It wasn’t time that passed; it was patterns of light and darkness, weaving an unbroken tapestry.The forest knew, however, that once again the moment was approaching when they would arrive, and it would both host and hide them while they planned.

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