The Jilted Bride: A Footnote to Cinderella’s Happiness

by Kristen Reed on Apr 29, 2016 in Featured, Fiction via Best Books
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Sometimes one woman’s happily ever after is another woman’s misery.

When the charming Prince Caspar abandons his bride Demetria at the altar to sweep Cinderella off her feet, the duke’s daughter is left humiliated and heartbroken.

Desperate to lift their daughter’s spirits, Demetria’s parents introduce her to a new suitor from a foreign land.

Jaded by being jilted, she questions the very thing she has built her life around and searches for new meaning and healing with two unlikely companions.

The Jilted Bride takes readers on a heartfelt journey as is explores the aftermath of the Cinderella’s happy ending in a world where there are no fairy godmothers to magically heal a devastated young woman’s broken heart.

About the author:

Kristen Reed, a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas, is an artist, filmmaker, and author from Dallas, Texas. As a Christian, her faith heavily influences her writing and is the driving force in her life.

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