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aHunter4GottenaHunter4Gotten by Cynthia Clement

He’s been held captive for thirty years. She’s being chased by an alien organization. When their paths cross, will they be able to find freedom together?

Eogan is a Hunter, an elite alien warrior who has been imprisoned on Earth. He has waited patiently for the chance to escape and when it comes, he’s ready. Time is of the essence as he travels to reunite with his fellow Hunters. When he finds Hester fighting for her life, he saves her. Together, they must escape the enemies pursuing them. Despite Hester’s reluctance to believe his growing bond to her, Eogan vows to protect her no matter what the cost.

Hester Adams is a professor of archaeology who is intrigued by Gobekli Tepe and alternative history theories. Her excursion to the ruins is destroyed when a jeep full of soldiers surround her and her companions. She barely escapes with her life when Eogan saves her, but her troubles have only begun. Tracked and stalked by a group she has no knowledge of, she is forced to look to Eogan for protection. Men have never found her desirable so can she believe Eogan’s claim of bonding? Dare she risk heartache and admit her own growing attraction to him?

Can Eogan and Hester elude the dark forces hunting them and find love?

aHunter4Gotten is a Sci-Fi Alien Romance and is Book 6 of the aHunter4Hire Series.

aHunter4Hire Series
When a unit of elite alien warriors known as Hunters, crashes on Earth, they discover that their ancient legends of mating are true. Forbidden to mate on their home planet, they are now free to find the one woman that is fated to become their pair bond.

Books in the aHunter4Hire Series:
aHunter4Rescue (Book 1)
aHunter4Saken (Book 2)
aHunter4Life (Book 3)
aHunter4Ever (Book 4)
aHunter4Trust (Book 5)
aHunter4Gotten (Book 6)
Although each book can be read as a stand-alone story, it is recommended that you read them in order.

Targeted Age Group:: All audiences
Heat/Violence Level: Heat Level 3 – PG-13

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I was originally inspired by the rumors of a UFO crash in the area I live in. That started me wondering what would happen if there were survivors and who these aliens might be. From there the first book in the series aHunter4Rescue was written. This is the sixth book in the aHunter4Hire series and follows the escape of one of the captured alien warriors and his attempt to find freedom. Along the way he also finds his mate.

How Did You Come up With Your Characters?
Eogan is an elite alien warrior known as a Hunter. He has been held in captivity for thirty years and when his chance comes for escape, he runs. He has been bred and trained to be one of the best soldiers in the universe. He lives by a strict code of honor and the penalty for harming a woman or child is death. His opportunity for escape happens in Turkey and the first human he meets is Hester.

The character of Hester was a natural fit for Eogan. She is an archaeologist who has come to Turkey to see Gobekli Tepe, an ancient ruin that scholars believe is a temple. She has different ideas and thinks that it may be evidence of Ancient Aliens. She inadvertently gets involved with a group of ufologists who believe that a sinister alien organization is bent on destroying the world.

Book Sample
They drove in silence for several minutes.
Hester’s anxiety rose with each passing second. Her nerves were frayed and the quiet was making it worse. “Doesn’t it bother you that people are following you?”
“It is better than letting them kill us.”
Hester shivered at the cold chill of his voice. “You act as if this were an everyday occurrence for you.”
“I am a warrior.”
“So that makes it all right to have people stalk you?” She shook her head. “The closest I’ve ever come to danger before this, was trying to drive on the freeway.”
“You’re a woman. You are not meant to fight.”
“Are you suggesting that women can’t do what men do?” Hester fought to keep her voice civil as she glared at him. “You sound like a chauvinist.”
“I don’t understand your words. I do battle so others can be safe.” Eogan’s voice was filled with confusion. “Would you rather that I had let those men murder you?”
Hester crossed her arms. “That’s not what I meant. You inferred that a woman wasn’t able to take care of herself.”
“Women command and men obey.” His tone was serious. “I was bred and trained to protect.”
She strained her eyes in the dark to see whether he’d been joking. He was focused on the terrain ahead and all she could see was the side of his face. He had sounded sincere, though.
“If that’s the case, why didn’t you take me with you when I first asked?” Hester pursed her lips together. “You were going to leave me there unprotected.”
“I was trying to keep you alive and unharmed.” Eogan glanced at her. “It’s unsafe for you to be around me.”
Hester stared out the window. “It can’t be worse than being attacked by those men.”
“You are upset because of your friends’ deaths.” Eogan steered the vehicle onto the road. “I apologize.”
“It was a horrible thing to see.” Hester shuddered. “Josh had been so nice inviting me to go along with them. I’m glad Steve and Franklin were able to get away. Steve’s been traveling in Turkey for years. He’s the real expert. Franklin didn’t say much, so I’m not sure what his area of knowledge is.”
“It is my fault they are dead.” Eogan pressed down on the accelerator and the car jerked forward. “They were waiting for me.”
“If they wanted you, why did they stop us?”
He looked at her. In the dim light of the dashboard she could see that his eyes were narrowed. “I have found that men like them do not have honor.”
“All I wanted was to see Gobekli Tepe.” Hester clutched her bag closer to her body. “When the Germans, who are in charge of the excavation, refused to let me on the site in a professional capacity, I decided to go on my own.”
“Would not another archaeologist have been useful?”
“I suppose they didn’t think my position at the university, or the sites I’ve worked at in North American, was enough experience.”
That wasn’t the only reason they hadn’t wanted her onboard. She had asked if she could help in secret. She didn’t want the school she taught at knowing about her work at Gobekli Tepe. That had probably sent up red flags.
“Do you spend all of your time at these archaeological sites?” Eogan swerved off the road again and drove in a straight line to what resembled a row of covered tents.
“Most of my time is spent in the classroom.” She didn’t have anything to be ashamed of, but it felt anticlimactic to admit that she had limited field experience. After tonight’s incident she doubted she’d venture out alone again.
“You teach.” His voice held approval. “That is a noble thing to do.”
A flicker of pride filled her chest. “I always thought so, but sometimes you want to see things for yourself. I’ve read so much about Gobekli Tepe in books, and I’ve seen pictures. I wanted to examine it up close.”
“You think it will be different than the images?” Eogan slowed the vehicle.
“I think that the depictions we’re allowed to see don’t tell the whole truth.” Hester’s tone was dry. “I’m not naïve. I know academics hold back information so they can be the first to publish. In this case, I don’t think they understand the significance of what they’ve discovered.”
“What is that?”
“I think it’s evidence that aliens once visited this planet.” Hester lowered her voice as she uttered the heresy. If another archaeologist heard her, it would be the end of her career as a respected scientist.
“You can tell this from dirt and stones?” Eogan sounded intrigued. “Isn’t something more definite needed?”
“You mean like the body of a dead alien?”

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