Featured Book: Untouchable by Jessika Klide

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UNTOUCHABLEAbout Untouchable by Jessika Klide

The first time Army Helicopter pilot, Aurelius Moore’s eyes fall on isolated Vegas celebrity, Siri Wright, he is stunned by her beauty and her dance. Setting his sights to have her next, he goes so far as to pay a small fortune for a private VIP room with only her. When she vanishes before he can consummate his deal, he is stunned when he sees her again in his hometown in Alabama. Realizing the opportunity to have her now, he hunts his prey, controlling the game.

When Siri encounters a military man called Moore, she is caught off guard by her body's immediate chemical response to this enigmatic and reserved young officer, who is gorgeous beyond what even she is accustomed to. Not being able to restrain her flirtatious side, the confident diva, oozing sex appeal, teases the handsome hunk, unwittingly putting her Rule #1: No Touching in serious danger.

Add in the danger she encounters when she is hoodwinked by TD, aka Touch Down, to attend a cocktail party with him, which turns out to be a cock and tail sex party of swingers, and her Rule #1: No Touching is entirely in jeopardy. She must use ALL her Vegas secrets to escape un-f**ked.

Alone, walking on the side of the road in the early morning hours, Siri finds herself directly in Moore's path and is in danger again. Will she … can she … remain UNTOUCHABLE?

This Erotica book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print, Audiobook

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