Featured Book: The Lord’s Jarheads by Wade Walker

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About The Lord's Jarheads by Wade Walker

Charlie Red Tail Hawk always thought he’d retired from the Marine Corps. He would soon find out God had other plans for him. After serving twelve years Charlie met and married the love of his life Josie. Elizabeth came along a year and a half later. He made the decision to leave the Corps that he dearly loved after much prayer and seeking the Lord’s will and wisdom. Charlie, Josie, and Elizabeth moved to a ranch with two hundred and forty acres where for five years they worked on their dream of living off what they grew and raised.
One fateful Sunday after church changed all this forever. Josie and Elizabeth went to the local mall. The mall had been targeted by a terrorist attack and Josie and little Elizabeth were killed.
The world had steadily been flushing itself down the toilet and running as fast and far away from the ways of the One true God and His Son Lord Jesus. Almost daily the prophecies of the Bible were being fulfilled. Charlie fell on his face beseeching of the Lord and pouring out his grief in the flesh and in the spirit for months. He finally received his answer. It was not the answer Charlie expected. Will Charlie follow the path God has chosen for him, or will he follow his own path for revenge.

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