Featured Book: Living the Wright Life by Pamela Ackerson

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About Living the Wright Life by Pamela Ackerson

The search for treasure and hidden family secrets is one way to fuel the flames of passion.

The last eight years, Jamie Parker had been studying to become the next version of a female Jacque Cousteau. She thrives on solving puzzles, finding treasures, and searching for hidden secrets. When Cameron Wright asks her to translate ancestral documents, she has no idea she’d be digging up the Wright’s devastating and personal haunts from the past.

For years, the sight of him had stolen Jamie’s breath, his smile remaining in her memories the way no one else’s ever had. It’d taken her years to get over him, to shake off the effects of his appeal. Well, not exactly over him, considering that he’d never shown her any sign of encouragement. Nevertheless, all through high school she’d put him in a neatly labeled section of her memories where he belonged−sweet, romantic, young fantasies.

Joining forces, the two ignite a hunger for treasure and find it’s not the gold in their pockets that matter, but the gold in their hearts.

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