Featured Book: Her Man in Sorrento by Ann Streetman

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About Her Man in Sorrento by Ann Streetman

When Sarah Millerman meets Nathan Ferrari, her vacation in Italy takes unexpected turns as breathtaking as the Amalfi coast drive. Charming, handsome Navy Commander Nathan Ferrari is staying at his Aunt Alessa’s beach house in Sorrento, while he is on annual leave from Naval Base San Diego. As Nathan puts it, “You’re an American on vacation. I am an American on vacation. It makes sense for us to have some fun together.” Sarah intends to keep the relationship light and flirty and uncomplicated, as they enjoy dinners under the stars at the beach house and day trips around the Amalfi coast and an overnight visit to his aunt’s vineyard in Tuscany.

Sarah is an introvert bent on completing her master’s degree in cybersecurity and going anywhere her job offers take her. An extrovert, Nathan is a Navy man through and through who is used to reading people and finding out exactly what he wants to know.
Both Sarah and Nathan have been hurt by lost loves in their past. Come along to experience their romance as it develops in scenic southern Italy and San Diego. It’s a sweet Italian American romance with a red, white, and blue twist you don’t want to miss.

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