Featured Book: Heaven Vs Reincarnation by Dharma

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About Heaven Vs Reincarnation by Dharma

Heaven is a metaphor for the Womb, Childhood & the Past, whereas Reincarnation stands for Life, Adulthood and the Future. In the womb we were at peace, in comfort, sheltered, protected, in bliss and basically lived in a bubble. But suddenly we get thrown out of this Eden into a cold, hard world! We feel pain for the first time but that is also how we know that Life starts! We get this experience once more when we, as young people, move out of the nest, whether for college or a job. Again we experience pain, face life on our own, but we know we must move out of the nest if we want to start a life of our own. All creatures obey this law of God
Heaven then is the idea that we can move back into the womb, go back to our childhood and hide in the bubble permanently. Heaven is a world created by Religions, it is not God’s creation, it goes against God’s laws. Heaven is for the weak, the coward who are beaten by what life throws at them. Reincarnation, then, is for the Strong, the Warrior who takes on life and works to create a wonderful world of the future that is yet to come. One day, the world pictured in the Star Wars movies will become a reality but such a world has to be built, worked for and it is those who choose Reincarnation, REAL LIFE, who will do that.

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