Featured Book: A Second in Eternity by Gary L Wimmer

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A-Second-in-EternityAbout A Second in Eternity by Gary L Wimmer

A Second in Eternity is the true story about the author’s ‘near-death’ experience and what led up to it. As his intuitive abilities begin escalating, he found himself able to see future events at will and with uncanny clarity. After a week of vacillating between indescribable euphoria and debilitating fear, as a pedestrian he was hit head-on by a speeding car. The author then describes how he instantly left his body, experienced ecstasy beyond description, and returned to his body unharmed–but as a changed person. Police, paramedics, doctors, and friends were baffled, while the author was elated by what he experienced during his voyage to the Source and back. Full of mystery, wit and spiritual insights, A Second in Eternity is a fast moving and thought provoking story that leads the reader through the realities possible when the wall that separates our conscious and subconscious minds dissipates to reveal the Unity that underlies all things.

This Non-Fiction book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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