Featured Book: A Lady’s Vanishing Choices by Wareeze Woodson

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WW_ALadysVanishingChoices_600x900About A Lady’s Vanishing Choices by Wareeze Woodson

Vexed with her aunt, Bethany takes the gig without permission. Tooling down a sparsely traveled track, she pulls up to master her temper and wanders into the woods. From her sheltered position, she watches a man bury a long bundle large enough to hold a corpse. She thinks she has escaped undetected, but danger follows her. In her reckless handling of the ribbons, she nearly runs Lord Royce Rivton off the lane.
Lord Rivton is in search of a spy and must investigate her family, his closest neighbor. Both at cross purposes, the sparks fly and when he rescues her, he places her in a compromising position. They marry as expected, but their road is not smooth. She is still in mortal danger. He must find and capture the killer/spy while trying to save his wife. A tattered string weaves together this tale of romance, murder, abduction and espionage.

This Romance book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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