Featured Book: 88 Guys for Coffee by Diane Solomon

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About 88 Guys for Coffee by Diane Solomon

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Abandoned – no, dumped from her 7-year marriage, Laura’s self-worth was in tatters. Some people land on their feet. She landed on her ass on the kitchen floor.

Longing to find her true partner in life, Laura takes a deep breath and plunges into online dating. Oh my. What a roller coaster. Only with the aid of modern technology could you line up this many frogs to kiss.

Hilarious and heartbreaking, soul-searching and spiritual, “88 Guys for Coffee” is loosely based on the author’s own 5-year online dating saga. The horror stories are true, bizarre, and laugh-out-loud funny.

Top 1% Goodreads reviewer Dianne Bylo* said, “Should I laugh? Should I cry? Laugh until I cry? Grab a cup of coffee, wear your most comfy clothes and hang out the DO NOT DISTURB sign because this is a tale of the heart and soul… Humorous, heartbreaking, eye-opening and filled with some truly wickedly funny scenes… Read it, laugh with it, roll with it, this is a sparkling gem for sure!”

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