The Elf In My Backpack: Among Friends

by S.T. Sinclaire on Feb 24, 2016 in Children, Featured via Best Books
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Book 2

Illustrated series for children age 9-12

Gruindor the elf continues to bring his own brand of fun and adventure to Jack’s home, at his school and on special occasions. Life hasn’t been the same since the elf came home with him and it likely will never be the same again. It sure is a lot more interesting though, especially now that the elf has made himself visible to more people!
Join Jack, Gruindor and friends as they head into fall and experience Thanksgiving, Halloween and life in general, like never before.

Six hilarious stories based on real life situations with an illustration for each story.

About the author:

S.T. Sinclaire is a fiction author, illustrator, painter, photographer and mom. She is never without a book and strives to inspire young readers to read as well and discover the magical world of fiction for themselves. Steffany lives in the rural Lanark Highlands of Ontario, Canada where she continues to be inspired by the beauty of nature. Previous works include biographies and short stories.

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