Darkened Demigod by Shawn Phillips

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Darkened Demigod by Shawn Phillips

Imprisoned miles below the surface of the post-apocalyptic Earth he crafted, the first and last modern-day demigod must come to terms with his failings that led to global annihilation. From the charcoaled ashes of remorse and uncontrollable anger must rise the embodiment of what he was meant to be—a savior for all humankind. However, who he is saving them from and why propels this demigod on a pained journey beyond his home planet, where he must face much more than just an advanced offshoot of humanity. He and the diminutive Bookworm will fight for Earth, but at a cost even a demigod will not be able to rectify.

Targeted Age Group:: 15-90
Heat/Violence Level: Heat Level 3 – PG-13

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I was interested in creating a story about modern-day demigods, while also wanting to write a unique story about a failed colonization on Mars. The two came together during my long drives to work, and I eventually settled on a first-person present voice for the story. Pulling together a fantasy and science fiction story is the genre I write, using science to bridge the gap. I call this fant2sci.

How Did You Come up With Your Characters?
As I outline any story, I pull together what is needed for the depth of the character (page, cartoon, secondary and primary characters) while building a character profile based on what is needed. The main character had to be dark, while Bookworm had to be very analytical. For other characters, they flowed with the scene. Creativity is not difficult for me, especially creating characters.

Book Sample
Rage, always right under my skin these days, boils to the surface. I shoot out from around the outcropping that had prevented the bookworm from seeing me, and I’m within feet of him before he can track me with his fear-ridden eyes. Those blue eyes wash over with a wave of fear and an understanding that it may be the end.
The unbreakable collars around my neck, arms, and legs ring out like a broken church organ as the chains snap to their maximum length—and hold. The ground shakes, and charcoal coats our now-still canvas.
I feel the most pain from the sudden stop in my outstretched neck, but my anger won’t be choked down. My bloodshot eyes complement the thick veins protruding through the muscles of my upper body. I tower over the frail man in size and stature. The bulldozer coming to wipe out the ant.
Foamed saliva splatters the bookworm as I bellow, “What do you mean no food? That was the agreement!”

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