Beautiful – Thirteen Lessons from 2013

by Diana Heuser on Jan 15, 2016 in Featured, Self help via Best Books
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In Beautiful -Thirteen lessons from 2013 Diana Heuser shares the lessons she has learnt throughout a year of challenge and heart break and how she emerged a better and stronger person as a direct result of those challenges.

This deeply personal account is written from the heart and explores the valuable lessons discovered during the turbulent times and how she applied them to live a better and more fulfilled life. It explores the darker side of her soul and reveals how exposing the darkness within brings about a cleansing and allows new light to shine on her life.

It is a message of hope and courage, and provides the reader with some practical steps to assist them in climbing out of their own abyss that they may find themselves in.

About the author:

Diana Heuser is a single mother of three, living in South Africa. She graduated from Rhodes University with a Honour's Degree and Teaching degree and currently runs a self-publishing production and marketing business with clients both in South Africa and abroad. She is passionate about writing, publishing and marketing and has 17 books published to date.

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