R.M. Ferrier

R. M. Ferrier is an author of mystery fiction; The Crow Flies South For The Winter, his first novel which was published in 2014, The House Of The Black Goat that was published in 2015 and Cemetery Side Road, also published in 2015. Growing up on a fourth generation family farm on the Scotch Line Road in Eastern Ontario has provided inspiration to draw from; many local landmarks and characters in rural Lanark County have found their way into his novels. When he's not writing a novel, R.M. is producing short films. Earlier works include "The Apartment Scene" ( 2001), "Touch" (2002), and "The Lake Party" (2010). R.M. is also a marathon runner having competed in ultra-marathons and obstacle races. Other sports competitions include tennis tournaments held in Canada and in the U.S., as well as distance and sprint sled dog races. While continuing the tradition of overseeing the family farm, R.M. is writing his next novel.